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Justice strategies are complex and interdisciplinary.

Activating them is an unending series of critical choice points.

We have a system to track every dollar in our organizations but nothing to track our strategies and key decisions. It’s kind of staggering when you think about it. No wonder it's so hard to create and sustain strategic alignment.


Rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio nam libero


Rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio nam libero


Rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio nam libero

This visualization of your organization's design stays current as changes are made in the JustOrg Design System.

The System for Strategic Alignment and Momentum

At JustOrg Design, we believe that the key to creating and sustaining strategic alignment lies in actively linking your organization's core purpose, strategies, people structures, and critical decisions. We also understand the challenges that social justice organizations face when attempting to implement complex and interdisciplinary justice strategies and shared decision-making. Our team has developed a powerful web-based software solution that embodies our more than 40 years of combined strategic leadership experience to help organizations address these challenges.

JustOrg Design is purpose built to:

Align the entire organization around bold justice strategies

Reclaim strategy as what unites staff and board in shared purpose and drives aligned action. Ensure that every staff and board member is continuously proximate to the full meaning and ramifications of your strategies. Build a culture of clarity and accountability where every role and team view their work through the lens of activating organizational strategy.

Configure groups to advance strategy beyond silos

Overcome siloed thinking and action by configuring cross-functional groups that allow for consistent exploration and ideation on strategy. These groups are called Tables in the JustOrg Design system. They get everyone proximate to strategy, ensuring that they are equipped to activate strategy in their roles and functional teams.

Convene engaging strategic meetings in-person, remote, or hybrid

Good meetings that focus a team's energy, excitement, and efforts toward strategic alignment and execution are the cornerstone of an organization’s success. JustOrg Design's Meeting Space incorporates everything needed to ensure meeting best practices across the organization from building agendas tied to strategic actions, to capturing commitments, notes, and outcomes. The Table Planner allows teams to easily pick up where previous meetings left off and to ensure that the most important topics can be added to the right agenda at the right time. The platform harnesses collective intelligence with real-time collaborative idea generation, voting, and decision-making. It encourages innovative thinking while ensuring clear meeting purposes and tangible outcomes.

Enable effective group decision-making

We know that decision-making is among the greatest challenges organizations face, so we've designed this feature to help you practice and get better at it together. Our Group Voting feature allows teams to capture and vote on proposals in an open and collaborative space. With version control and multi-round voting options, it's easier to foster alignment and reach consent (five-finger), consensus, or majority.

But here's where Group Voting really shines - if consensus isn't reached, it encourages open discussion through focused workshops where each voter's perspective can be heard and integrated into the proposal. And once a decision is made, it automatically populates in all the right places - meeting agendas, the Table Planner, and the organization's decision dashboard. No more hunting for lost decisions or trying to remember what happened in last month's meeting. With Group Voting, your team can practice making aligned, collaborative decisions more effectively than ever before.

Manage strategic decisions organization-wide

Enable leadership to guide and strengthen the organization's choice-making capacity. Our Org-wide Decision Manager provides leadership teams with continuous insight into strategic decision-making across the organization. With powerful tagging functionality, leaders can categorize, prioritize, and/or create follow-on actions for each decision. The Org-wide Decision Manager allows users to find, manage, and make sense of all choices--including archiving capabilities to keep people focused on what's next.

Develop leaders at all levels

Access to strategic thinking and choice-making is among the most powerful means of developing leaders.Too many staff get trapped in functional areas under more senior staff without access to organization-wide strategic conversations; this thwarts their development and leads to turnover of some of your highest potential staff. Within the JustOrg Design system, staff at all levels learn to be strategic, facilitative, collaborative, and rigorous in their decision-making.

Stay up-to-date

The JustOrg Design system ensures that the latest versions of your organization's purpose, values, strategies, and structure are front and center for everyone. By providing a centralized, easily accessible source of truth, you can foster alignment, clarity, and a shared sense of direction across your entire organization.

Making Group Work...Work

The reality is that justice work is group work.  But too often in justice-committed organizations, groups feel unclear on their collective action plans and stymied by decision-making. Below are three examples of how JustOrg Design is purpose built to make group work work.


Make group decisions that stick with Group Voting

With JustOrg Design's Group Voting feature, teams build their collective capacity for decision-making. The feature supports consent (five-finger), consensus, and majority decision-making in a fully transparent, collaborative, and secure online space. Our process allows for proposal version control and multi-round voting to integrate group member feedback and arrive at the desired outcome. This consistent practice of naming and executing decisions inclusively increases everyone's investment in the team's work and contribution to organizational purpose.


Manage and activate strategic decisions

Turn the organization's static list of decisions into an actively managed database of strategic choices.

The Org-wide Decision Manager makes it possible to do things like tag decisions for workflows such as socialization, action planning, and/or prioritization. For example, identifying recent decisions to be discussed at the next staff meeting. This feature also allows for archiving decisions that are no loner active--keeping active decisions at the forefront.


Inspire and empower strategic action

Both organizational leaders and teams are empowered to identify and create strategic actions aligned with the overarching organizational purpose. Management (or strategy teams) can outline the most critical actions, ensuring organization-wide alignment and focus. At the same time, Tables can break down those high-level actions into smaller sub-actions tailored to their specific Table Purpose. This collaborative approach ensures that efforts are coordinated and impactful across the organization.

At JustOrg Design, we recognize that activating justice strategies is an ongoing process that requires continuous alignment and adaptation. That's why our software is designed to be flexible and responsive to your evolving needs. With powerful collaboration tools that harness decades of strategy and organizational design expertise, robust analytics, and an intuitive interface, everyone in your organization can stay agile and focused on what matters most – pursuing your purpose.

We're committed to supporting you every step of the way. Our team provides comprehensive training, resources, and ongoing support to help you make the most of our software. Together, we can help you build a more strategic, collaborative, and impactful organization that advances justice in the world.

We offer software that is purpose-built to optimize the JustOrg Design system as well as consulting services to get you started.

If you are interested in seeing if JustOrg Design is a good fit for you, please take our brief Readiness Reflection. We would love to hear from you.


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