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Justice strategies are complex and interdisciplinary.

Activating them is an unending series of critical choice points.

We have a system to track every dollar in our organizations but nothing to track our strategies and key decisions. It’s kind of staggering when you think about it. No wonder it's so hard to create and sustain strategic alignment.


Rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio nam libero


Rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio nam libero


Rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio nam libero

Our software supports you in actively linking your organization's:

  • core values and strategies
  • people structures for activating those values and strategies
  • critical decisions that express those values and strategies

Capture: Keep your organization's values, strategies, structure, and critical decision-making in one always-current, cloud-based system of record.

Engage: Configure people to have the strategic conversations they need to have. Design and store effective meeting agendas. Name and distribute key decisions.

Inspire: Develop leadership and strategic decision-making capacity organization-wide. Share meaningful data with one another about strategic progress. Build collective confidence that you can activate strategy together.

Activating values and strategies is everybody's work.

Don't leave your strategies and key decisions in emails, slide decks, and outdated documents--assuming that everyone is working from the same understanding. Keep them accessible, current, and actionable.


Capture the key decisions-to-be-made to activate your strategies.

Build the muscle of pausing and naming critical strategic choices. Get these decisions-to-be-made out of people's heads and into a system of record. Articulate which strategies they activate. Determine which group, or Table, is best positioned to make them. Track strategic decisions made throughout the year.


Convene meetings that focus people on strategic alignment and decision-making.

Build staff capacity to design and host strategic discussions. The JustOrg Design agenda builder supports conveners with ready-made, strategy-specific agendas.  Capture meeting notes and decisions-made in real time in one cloud-based system of record. Develop continuity, momentum, and confidence in your capacity to make strategic decisions.


Inspire and celebrate.

Share and discuss how key decisions across your bodies of work are activating organizational strategies.  Create spaces for people to talk about what is and is not yet working. Inspire staff by visibilizing their contributions to organizational progress.

We offer software that is purpose-built to optimize the JustOrg Design system as well as consulting services to get you started.

If you are interested in seeing if JustOrg Design is a good fit for you, please take our brief Readiness Reflection. We would love to hear from you.


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