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JustOrg Design Launches Product, Website & Pilot Client Phase

JustOrg Design Launches Product, Website & Pilot Client Phase

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Co-Founders Jeanne Bell and Dan Tucker are thrilled to share news of the launch of our new company, JustOrg Design LLC. Our mission is to help justice organizations operationalize compelling strategies through clear, inclusive structures and decision-making practices. 

We take as inspiration for organizational design work what the the renowned abolitionist and scholar Ruth Wilson Gilmore recently said:

“If consciousness is the means through which we imagine ourselves into the future then organizations are the form.”

Change Everything: Racial Capitalism and the Case for Abolition

Jeanne and Dan have 20+ years in nonprofit organizational development and enterprise software product development respectively. Our purpose-built software is called Tables. It is a single place to capture, make transparent, and fully activate organizational strategies and key decisions.

Now we are consulting with select pilot clients to refine their justice strategies and align people and decision-making around them. 

We are also interested in connecting with social justice strategy consultants who want to support their clients in getting newly developed strategies to stick. 

For consulting and software inquiries, reach out to us at info@justorgdesign.com.